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Free comparison quotes on commercial trucking insurance

OTR Truck insuranceThe Reno Insurance Agency works with trucking companies all throughout Ohio and beyond. We can custom tailor an insurance program to protect your company, your trucks, trailers, and your drivers.

Since we are an independent insurance agency, we represent many different carriers and can provide competitive options. All while getting your filings done correctly and on-time to keep you on the road! Not all trucking policies are the same. There is significant savings in making sure you are rated with the correct radius, garaging location, type of cargo and vehicle size. If these are not correct, you could be paying much more that you need. We spend time with our insureds making sure they are rated correctly for the hauling they are doing. Trucking insurance is not one size fits all! Every client is different.

Primary Liability – Every owner operator or trucking company who operates under their own authority is required to carry primary liability coverage on all owned units.

Non-trucking Liability - Secondary liability in the event you are moving your truck and currently not hauling under someone else's authority. This is an often overlooked coverage that is relatively inexpensive.

Physical Damage - Also known as Collision & Comprehensive Coverage. This provides coverage for repair or replacement for damage resulting from a covered loss, such as collision, fire, theft, hail, windstorm, flood, or vandalism to owned vehicles.

Cargo Insurance – Also known as coverage for your load. This provides coverage for loss or damage to the property in a truck while it is being transported.

General Liability - Liability for the acts of your drivers while they are not hauling a load. This is an often overlooked coverage and also a relatively inexpensive coverage.

Trucking Filings

Need an MCS-90? Need a Form E? Need an OS-32?

Every trucking company has different needs when it comes to their filings. The filings you need are contingent on what you are hauling and where you are hauling. Let us help you get these in place correctly to keep your trucks on the road.

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Have you considered GPS Tracking for your Fleet Vehicles?

There are many advantages to installing a fleet monitoring system, such as GPS tracking devices, into your fleet vehicles.In fact, monitoring the driving patterns of your organization’s employees is one of the best ways to be proactive in your business operations. Fleet monitoring devices can allow you to determine a vehicle’s location and know when a driver has exceeded a given speed limit or exhibited extreme driving habits, such as hard braking or fast acceleration. Studies have shown that businesses that practice risk management through the use of GPS tracking devices can benefit in the following ways:

  • Employee driving habits improve.OTR Trucking Insurance
  • Driver safety scores and truck inspection scores improve.
  • Vehicle efficiency increases and fuel consumption decreases.
  • Vehicle maintenance programs improve.
  • Profit margins increase.

Because we recognizes the benefits of installing GPS tracking devices into cars that are in fleets of vehicles, a discount is now offered on commercial automobile policies when a qualifying fleet monitoring system is installed. Please contact us to determine if you are eligible for this discount. We are always happy to discuss your individual insurance needs.

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