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Do you have the insurance your Restaurant or Bar needs?

Restaurants  Bar InsuranceFrom food spoilage caused by your refrigerators failing, to fire damage, or customer injuries, Reno Insurance Agency can custom design a business insurance program to protect you and the risks you face as a restaurant owner.

Liability Insurance for Restaurants
  • General liability: This includes operations and premise liability. If a customer is injured in your restaurant or even your parking lot and it can be proved that you are responsible due to negligence in your upkeep or the actions of one of your employees, you can be held responsible. General liability insurance is designed to provide coverage for medical costs and damages.
  • Product liability: As a restaurant owner, your product is the food you serve. If customers become sickened by food poisoning or other food-borne illnesses, such as hepatitis or salmonella, and it can be proven that this occurred because of food served in your restaurant, you may find yourself sued for medical costs and punitive damages. Product liability insurance will shield you from the high costs associated with such a lawsuit.
  • Liquor liability: If your restaurant serves alcoholic beverages and as a result a customer becomes intoxicated, your business can be liable for the intoxicated patron’s ensuing actions, including acts of violence and property destruction. Liquor liability insurance can help to protect you from financial losses if you are sued.
  • Hired and non-owned vehicles liability: If your restaurant offers food delivery service but your employees use their own vehicles, this will provide you with coverage against potential liability lawsuits if they are involved in an accident while making a delivery for you.
Property Coverage for Restaurants
  • Building coverage: This provides reimburement for damages to the structure of your building.
  • Contents coverage: This includes coverage for your property, including furniture, artwork, computers and kitchen equipment. it also provides coverage for your tenants improvements and betterments to a building you lease.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage: Equipment such as freezers, stoves, dishwashers and air-conditioning units are vital when running a restaurant. This coverage will provide you with reimbursement for your losses so that you can get your business up and running again.
  • Food spoilage coverage: If a power outage, mechanical failure or other covered event results in spoiled food that must be thrown away, this coverage will cover the replacement costs.
  • Loss of income coverage: If your restaurant must temporarily close due to a covered event, this insurance will provide you with the funds necessary to continue operations.
  • Coverage against employee crimes: If an employee steals from you, this coverage will compensate you for your financial loss. Employee theft is a crime coverage options.

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