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Whether you have one rental property or one hundred we have competitive markets for all size property owners?

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Affordable, Pre-Approved Renters Insurance for your Tenants

When it comes to tenants, you should expect the best but prepare for, well… anything! We are pleased to offer Suite Protector, an innovative new approach to renters insurance that not only protects tenants against liability and property loss, but helps to protect your business, as well. Suite Protector notifies you when a tenant purchases insurance, cancels the policy, or allows it to lapse. You’ll always know which of your tenants are protected, and which might be an insurance or liability problem for your community.

Getting tenants insured with us is easy. Once your community is part of our program, every tenant is automatically approved for coverage. Enrollment, billing, and claims processing are all managed by the insurer without any burden or obligation on the property manager or management company. There are no credit checks, and we offer the tenant easy online enrollment and affordable insurance payment plans.

suite protector renters insurance for tenants

Please call the Reno Insurance Agency today for details, or for an in-person demonstration of our Suite Protector program.


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