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dayton ohio courthouseWe offer quick turnaround, competitive rates and our office is located in downtown Dayton within a mile from the Montgomery County Courthouse.

Probate Bond guarantees the proper accounting and faithful performance of the duties of the fiduciary and compliance with the orders of the probate court. It protects the estate against improprieties of the fiduciary of the estate. The most common probate bonds are:

  • Administrator, Executor, Guardian of a minor, Guardian of an incompetent, Trustee of a Trust Estate, Trustee appointed to liquidate, and Trustee appointed to reorganize.

Court Bond protects the rights of the opposing party, and to guarantee the obligation of the principal in the court proceeding. The obligation of the principal may be the payment of court costs and expenses, or may be some action prescribed by the court. The most common court bonds are:

  • Appeal, Attachment, Costs, Discharge Mechanics Lien, Garnishment, Injunction, Removal, Replevin, Supersedeas

reno insurance dayton ohio probate bondsReno Insurance Agency requires a copy of the court papers ordering the bond, and an attorney must represent the administrator/executor.

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